Why Should Candidates Stay In Touch With You (Even After They Get Placed)

Recently, a candidate I had been working with got a job on her own. Good for her. I told her to stay in touch. She chided me, “It is you who should stay in touch with me”.

I explained how difficult that is. While I really like this person, I meet dozens of new people each month. It is impossible for me to speak to and follow up with each of them. However, there can’t be that many recruiters they have talked to, so it is easier for them to keep me and others informed of their career.

Worse yet, I often get unspecific emails from candidates who tell me they have gotten a job, but not where or what. This brings me to the point.

So often, I will catch up with a candidate who I have not spoken to in a while. I find out that they have had major changes in their lives – marriages, new jobs, new experiences, title changes, huge increases in salary, new education, etc. Knowing these facts might have enabled me to contact them sooner with opportunities which are in line with their careers and changes in their needs, desires and new abilities.

A good example is the senior vice president who, for the past four years, has been running a major car account, although he had not previously had automotive experience. I had not spoken to this person for about six years, but had placed him prior to that. I was working on a senior assignment for an automotive account which he was now perfect for (the job specs were that appropriate candidates had to have had automotive experience). Unfortunately for him (and me), I didn’t know that he now had excellent automotive experience and would have been right for this assignment, but since I didn’t know, I didn’t call him. His name came up through a mutual acquaintance, but it was too late for the opportunity. And when I contacted him, he confessed that would have loved the assignment.

I have written many times about the insanity of category experience. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life.

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So a word to the wise is sufficient: When you get married, move, get a raise or a promotion, get a new experience – any changes or new thoughts that may affect your career – let your recruiters know.  It can only help your future.

I can’t speak for other recruiters, but I love hearing from people who I have not been in contact with for a while. It is virtually impossible for me to stay in touch with all the people I like, but it is relatively easy for them to send me an email or give me a quick call.

And doing so might significantly affect their career.

Paul Gumbinner spent 20 years in advertising. He is one of the few recruiters who has run an advertising agency. His advertising credentials include experience in virtually every category of products and services – package goods, cosmetics, broadcasting, financial services, publishing, retail, travel and leisure, fast food and business-to-business.

Paul has written about advertising and advertising related personnel matters and has
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Paul’s blog about advertising, View from Madison Avenue is read by hundreds of advertising executives each week. This popular commentary and common sense advice is sought after by candidates and clients alike. He also loves to tell funny stories.

Paul is one of the only advertising recruiters to be listed in Who’s Who in Advertising,
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