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Tech Evolution for Recruitment Leaders: Dos and Don’ts

Oct 25, 2023
6:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Allyn Bailey
Josh Rock
Allyn Bailey 
and Josh Rock

Staying up to speed on new technologies within the recruiting space is essential for talent acquisition leaders. However, the allure of shiny new tech can sometimes lead to distractions, overspending, and the introduction of disconnected one-off solutions that hinder efficiency.

Join us for a free webinar as we share the “dos and don’ts” of TA technology adoption.

Key areas of discussion will include:

  • Understanding Your Current System – How to evaluate your existing tech stack to understand its strengths and weaknesses, and how to identify specific recruitment challenges or bottlenecks that need improvement.
  • Selecting New Technology – How to translate business requirements into technical specifications for technology selection, how to best research potential solutions, and where to gather recommendations.
  • Staying Focused and Avoiding Distractions – How to stay focused on tech that addresses your recruitment needs and not get pulled into unintended directions.
  • Experimentation and Piloting – How to test technology without overly taxing your team, and how to measure successes and failures.
  • Managing TA Enablement Across Multiple Systems – Companies use an average of ten systems for hiring; understanding how these systems overlap, and where functionality is missing or underutilized is critical for improving TA effectiveness.
  • Staying Up to Date with the Market – As the pace of change in business and technology continues to accelerate, it is important to adopt a commitment to ongoing learning in order to ensure steady career growth.
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About the speakers
Allyn Bailey

Allyn Bailey

Allyn Bailey is a talent futurist, HR technology specialist, and practitioner of organizational transformation in companies ranging from multinationals to start ups. She is the executive director of Hiring Success for Smart Recruiters, where she leads a global team of consultants to support companies in navigating their talent acquisition transformations.

Allyn has designed and led revolutionary organizational talent acquisition transformations that included inventing and implementing the Talent Acquisition Infinity Loop. She has also been a leading voice in the talent and HR industry advocating for innovation and purposeful adaptation that will allow companies to meet the challenges and opportunities the rapidly changing future of work is providing.

Allyn brings her finesse as a facilitator, empathy and insight as an experience designer, and her unique capacity to see patterns and make previously unrecognized connections to bear for teams, organizations, technologists, and leaders to help them achieve their vision and intent.

Allyn is also a frequent blogger and keynote speaker about all things HR, Talent, and transformation. You can see her latest publications on LinkedIn. She is also the cohost of The Talent Rebelcast a weekly podcast for talent rebels looking to drive change in the industry.

Josh Rock

Josh Rock

Talent Acquisition Manager

Nuss Truck Group Inc.

Josh Rock is an industry veteran in the Talent Acquisition and Recruiting strategy space, using his 20+ years of relevant experience to partner with business leaders to find, attract, and retain talent across a broad spectrum of industries. Josh got his start in the HR space working in Recruitment Marketing on the vendor side and shifted to a practitioner with Fairview Health and currently, Nuss Truck & Equipment in Minnesota.

Josh is extremely passionate about connecting people and ideas, and supporting individuals in their career journey. As the lead moderator of @JobHuntChat, the oldest weekly job advice chat on X (formerly Twitter), you can also find Josh lending his voice to announce for youth hockey games, or plotting his next sports adventure.