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Simplifying Talent Acquisition & Accelerating Workforce Productivity with Tech & AI

Tune in to learn how to leverage technology and AI for better candidate sourcing, enhance onboarding efficiency, and equip new hires for immediate success.

Aug 15, 2024
6:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Marc Hamel
Anna Morgan
Mary Faulkner
Marc Hamel, 
Anna Morgan, 
and Mary Faulkner

In today’s competitive job market organizations need innovative strategies to streamline their talent acquisition processes and boost workforce productivity. This webinar will focus on three essential areas: leveraging technology and AI for better candidate sourcing and engagement, enhancing onboarding efficiency, and equipping new hires for immediate success.

Join us for an insightful session where we will explore how cutting-edge tools and technologies can revolutionize your recruitment efforts and drive productivity. Our expert speakers will share actionable strategies and real-world examples to help you simplify hiring and ensure your new employees are set up for success from day one.

Key talking points will include:

  • Harnessing Technology and AI for Talent Sourcing and Engagement: Discover how AI-driven tools can improve candidate sourcing, messaging, and outreach, making your recruitment efforts more efficient and effective.
  • Leveraging Data Analytics in Talent Acquisition: Explore how data analytics can transform your recruitment strategies, provide valuable insights, and enhance decision-making processes. Understand the metrics that matter and how to effectively interpret and utilize them.
  • Real-World Applications of Analytics in Talent Acquisition: Learn from real-world examples on how leading organizations are using data analytics to drive their talent acquisition efforts and improve overall hiring outcomes.


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About the speakers
Marc Hamel

Marc Hamel

Principal Sourcing Recruiter

Amazon Entertainment

Marc has 13+ years in tech sourcing, with a unique blend of agency, startup, the behemoths of Amazon & Meta. Currently, He is supporting new initiatives in sourcing within Amazon Entertainment and leading L&D programs for sourcers company-wide. He’s a part of many sourcing communities and is loves “talking shop” with anyone interested. Marc enjoys exploring the beautiful city of Austin, TX, tasting all craft IPA he can find, cheering on the Chicago Cubs, annihilating anyone foolish enough to challenge him to a Mario Kart race and mastering puns. And yes, he shares a name with Luke Skywalker. So, in his words, “may the ‘source’ be with you."

Anna Morgan

Anna Morgan



Anna Morgan, the visionary behind Careerbff, LLC, merges recruiting expertise with genuine care for People leaders. She has helped over 11,000 job seekers and serves clients across Retail, Healthcare, Technology, and Sports & Entertainment. Recognized as a top LinkedIn expert, Anna is a trusted advisor to business leaders and HR departments. As host of "Rise of the Recruiter," she elevates the Talent Acquisition community, guiding and inspiring professionals on their career journeys.

Mary Faulkner

Mary Faulkner



Mary is a principal with IA, a boutique advisory firm focused on business transformation. She is also a talent strategist and business leader with almost 20 years experience in helping organizations achieve their goals.   Recognized for her philosophy of “building” rather than merely “maintaining”, Mary’s journey is marked by her innate drive to solve problems and revamp the ordinary, an attribute that naturally positioned her at the helm of transformation efforts within organizations.

Mary has extensive experience in talent management, talent acquisition, strategic planning, goal prioritization, and team building, with a strong background in communication and change management. In addition to her work within companies, Mary is an ongoing talent contributor and speaker for ERE and co-authors a column on HR transformation for Human Resource Executive.