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Make Way For Gen Z: Recruiting The Next Generation

Date: Wed. May 9th, 2018 Length: 1 Hour Time: 2 PM ET

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Are you ready? The future is pummeling toward your recruiting teams faster than ever thanks to the growing talent deficit. How will you prepare? How will you stay ahead of the trends? While most talk AI, machine learning, and explore the latest technology trends, it boils down to one simple thing: the people.

Gen Z is a new generation of talent and while they’re psychologically motivated by the same things as most other generations – salaries, growth and job security, for example – they’re going to explore new ways of finding work and many of them, if not most of them, are going to insist that that work be meaningful. More than ever, this group is going to say “no” to the 17 page application and 20 week interview period. They’re going to demand an evolution from many of the tedious processes so fundamental to recruiting today.

To recruit them, it’s not about changing a mindset – it’s about changing everything.

Join Katrina Kibben and Amanda Crosby-Rickman on Wednesday, May 9 for a webinar that will give you a peek into what’s next, teaching you strategies to identify, source and hire Gen Z.

You’ll learn…

  • How shifting values are impacting recruiting outcomes
  • Why Gen Z is different from other generations
  • Where to find Gen Z talent online (and off)
  • Case studies and tactics you can use for recruiting Gen Z

Who Should Attend: All talent acquisition professionals who want to identify, attract, and recruit more Gen Z talent.

The webinar will fill up fast. Register for free to reserve your seat now. Can’t attend? No problem! Register for the webinar, and you’ll receive a link to view the video recording the next day. Everyone who attends the live broadcast will receive HRCI and SHRM credits.

Sorry, this webinar has ended.