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Navigating Deception: Generative AI and Its Impact on Job Applications

Explore the fundamentals of generative Ai and the transformative role it is having on the world of talent acquisition.

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Presented by:
Dr. Charles Handler
Dr. Charles Handler

It’s no secret that generative AI is changing the hiring landscape. Hiring teams and candidates alike are leveraging this new technology to become faster and more efficient, which presents a new set of challenges for recruiting leaders and their recruiters.

Join us for a free webinar with Dr. Charles Handler as we explore the fundamentals of generative AI and the transformative role it is having on the world of talent acquisition.

Key discussion points of this session will include:

  • What is generative AI?
  • How is it changing hiring?
  • How are candidates using it to game the system?
  • What are the ethical implications?
  • How can TA teams defend themselves against deception?
  • How do we accept AI as the new normal and embrace it within our hiring processes?
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About the speakers
Dr. Charles Handler

Dr. Charles Handler

President and Founder


As a technologist, futurist, business advisor, and selection systems scientist Dr. Charles Handler has spent over 20 years helping organizations across the globe to realize quantifiable value through their processes for selecting and developing human capital.





This webinar is over.
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