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Enhancing Hiring Practices through Skills-Based Talent Acquisition

Discover how skills-based hiring transforms recruitment processes, equipping recruiters with the tools to accurately assess candidates and present them to hiring managers.

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Presented by:
LeChez Solages
Trent Cotton
Lindsay Bowman
LeChez Solages, 
Trent Cotton, 
and Lindsay Bowman

This webinar will spotlight how skills-based hiring is empowering recruiters to level up their recruitment processes, make confident strategic decisions, and effectively pitch candidates to support hiring managers.

Key discussion points:

Objective candidate assessment: Explore methodologies for conducting strategic skills-based evaluations that go beyond reviewing resumes, matching keywords, and analyzing traditional criteria. Learn how the world’s best recruiters identify top talent accurately.

Impactful candidate pitching: Learn how to convincingly pitch tech candidates to hiring managers based on their skills and cultural add, aligning them effectively with job requirements and team dynamics.

Strong collaborative partnerships with hiring managers: Cultivate relationships built on collaboration and mutual understanding, positioning recruiters as strategic partners invested in understanding team dynamics to maximize collective proficiencies and drive productivity.

Enhanced recruitment efficiency: Discover how skills-based talent acquisition can streamline the recruitment process, saving time and resources while ensuring candidates with the right skill sets are selected.

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About the speakers
LeChez Solages

LeChez Solages


Your Corporate IQ Podcast

LeChez is a Talent Acquisition Strategist, DEI Leader, and Career Coach with over 13 years of corporate experience. She has helped Fortune 500 companies such as Marriott International, Volvo Group, and Robert Half International achieve their talent acquisition and DEI initiative goals. LeChez is the Co-Host of the Your Corporate IQ (YCIQ) Podcast, a show that focuses on the BIPOC experience in corporate America.
Trent Cotton

Trent Cotton

Senior Global Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention


Trent Cotton has overseen recruiting initiatives at leading companies like BBVA and Bureau Veritas Group. He is currently Senior Global Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention at HatchWorks.

Lindsay Bowman

Lindsay Bowman

Senior Manager, Technical Recruiting


Lindsay is a Talent Acquisition Leader currently leading recruiting and recruiting operations teams at Udemy. Lindsay has built recruiting functions from the ground up and maximized existing ones. She transforms challenges into opportunities and believes in creating recruiting experiences rooted in belonging, equity, transparency, and connection. 
This webinar is over.
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