This Company Has a No-Salary-Negotiation Policy

At many companies, salary ranges are opaque. What’s more, they are soft guidelines that often fall apart during offer negotiations. But what if your organization made its comp philosophy — including pay amounts — entirely transparent? What if job offers left no wiggle room for negotiation?

At ERE Digital, Liane Huang, U.S. talent acquisition lead at 360Learning, will deliver a presentation called “Why We Don’t Negotiate Salaries: How to Leverage Pay Transparency to Improve Hiring.” The session will cover how to:

  • Build transparency into your process to attract and hire top candidates
  • Avoid salary negotiations entirely, nurturing greater trust and accountability
  • Determine compensation amounts that reflect your company’s targets for hiring and growth.

Check out the video below (or click here) for a sneak preview of what Liane will be talking about live during ERE Digital. Then head over to to learn more and register.

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