There’s Something Missing From This Great New Police Recruiting Video

Colorado state patrolIt’s not full of chase scenes, but a new 2 1/2-minute recruiting video from the Colorado State Patrol called “IAmATrooper” is equally memorable.

And it comes with a twist.

Yes, there’s something different about the guys shooting the guns and getting sworn in to do police work in this set of clips.

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It’s that for the most part, with the exception of the bad guys, they’re not guys at all. The stars are actually policewomen.

You can’t help but notice how different this one is from the film I linked to at the top of this post. This Colorado video emphasizes compassion, serving the community (one clip shows an officer helping the homeless; another involves a child car-seat installation), and includes a heavy dose of work/life balance, showing women golfing, skiing, fishing, and spending time with their families.