The Power of Visibility as a Recruiter

Why is it so hard to find us, and consequently, get a hold of us as recruiters? Let us be better. Let us be easy to reach. Let us harness the power of visibility to drive our results.

In this climate of scarcity, especially in the health care/senior living space like I’m in, we must look under ever rock, shake every tree, and look behind every door to find the best candidates to fill our open roles. My job, and your job, is to be a talent magnet. We must be easy to reach. If we are visible not only online but off line, we are able to be that “talent magnet” that our hiring managers, C-suite leaders, and rank-and-file employees deserve.

About a month and a half ago, I started putting my contact information on all my job postings. When I started this, a not-so-shocking thing happened. I started noticing a sharper increase in interested parties in my jobs! Instead of me having to go out and persuade professionals about a role I was looking to fill, they started coming to me. People actually started emailing me their resumes, instead of me having to go through the sometimes exhausting process of sourcing.

Because of this, I have seen a sharp increase in quantity of applicants, which in turn, has given me higher-quality candidates to build a pool out of and consequently, higher-quality hires. It has been a needed change, and one in which I will lean on as I continue my days in the talent acquisition & recruiting profession.

Here are a few basic, simple ideas you can implement today to be a better recruiter and how to harness the powers of visibility to be better at your job:

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  • Put your contact information in all job postings
  • Include your social media handles in your job postings, as well as the footer of your email
  • Include a list of open jobs you are recruiting for on your LinkedIn page and other profiles
  • Take it old school: start going to networking events and interact with people!
  • Go to industry events. While this sounds simple, I would guess that most recruiters aren’t doing this at scale. I know I can certainly improve in this area of my practice.
  • Write a blog or white paper for your target audience. For instance, I wrote a article all about why long-term care/senior living nursing is the perfect first role for a new graduate Registered Nurse.

While these are just a few thoughts as to how to be more visible as a recruiter, I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop a note in the comments as to how you use the power of visibility to drive results in your game.

I must end this post by putting my money where my mouth is. You can reach me on my office line at 360.356.3380, my work cell phone at 360.600.9285, my work email ( or, on LinkedIn + Facebook (just type in my name!) and on Instagram + Twitter (@BlakeInThePNW). I look forward to connecting!

Blake Thiess is a business leader with a focus and specialty in Talent Acquisition/Recruiting and Human Resources. Blake’s focused degree in Human Resource Management, Professional in Human Resources (PHR), and SHRM-CP show his understanding and strong commitment to the field of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition.

Blake has spent the majority of his almost 10 year Talent Acquisition and Human Resources career in the senior living space, notably with Holiday Retirement and most recently with Prestige Care.

Blake is a trusted internal and external consultant on all things recruiting for Prestige Care, and is known for his unmatched energy level and work ethic, ability to build relationships with internal stakeholders and external candidates, happy-go-lucky mindset, innovative orientation, and strong drive for success. He can be found on social media, (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) using the handle, @BlakeInThePNW