The “Mandemic” of Men Opting Out of College

The future is unfolding: “Enrollment [at universities] declined by 2.5% (461,000 students) in the Fall of 2020, but the decline among men was more than seven times that of women. Women now make up 60% of enrollment in universities and colleges. Within 10 years, colleges will graduate double as many women as men.”

So explains labor market expert Raghav Singh in his article on TLNT, ERE’s sister site devoted to covering the business of HR. In “The Mandemic,” Raghav explores numerous reasons why men are increasingly opting out of college. He also dives into the ramifications. This is important reading because if this trend continues to play out, it will have significant impact on your workforce planning efforts.

Head over to TLNT to read “The Mandemic: Fewer Male College Graduates and the Labor Shortage.”

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The Mandemic: Fewer Male College Graduates and the Labor Shortage

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