Selecting and Measuring Partnerships to Improve Diversity Hiring

Improving representation in your organization is too big a task to go it alone. To have real impact, you’ve got to find the right external partners. But what exactly does a “right partner” look like when it comes to helping you achieve your diversity hiring goals?

At ERE Digital, Andréa Long, DoorDash’s senior manager of diversity recruiting partnership, will be delivering a talk called “How Will I Know?: Selecting and Measuring Partnerships to Improve Diversity Hiring and Employer Branding.” She’ll reveal:

  • When to bring in a partner in the first place
  • Which criteria matters most — and least — when evaluating potential partners
  • Best ways to work with partners to create events and other initiatives
  • How to gauge success of partnerships to ensure utmost relevance to business aims

Andréa recently spoke with me about her presentation. Check out the conversation below, and I hope to see you at the event! (Get 10% off your ticket price when you register here.)

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Editor’s note: This article is part of a series highlighting speakers at the upcoming ERE Digital event. Click here to view other articles in the series.

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