Podcast: LinkedIn; Zappos; Personalized Career Sites; Job Boards, and More

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.03.27 AMWhy candidates aren’t completing the application process. What’s up with Zappos and its “no more more job descriptions” program. How LinkedIn can be better. Some truly innovative recruiting technology companies.

I talk about all that with Steven Rothberg of CollegeRecruiter in the 32-minute podcast below.

In this podcast:
02:00  … remarkably, the statistics on how many candidates view the job board
03:50  … choking out every nickel and dime
05:00  … company logos and blank pages
07:03  … Zappos and doing away with job postings
10:30  … Zappos’ huge strides – a leader in the industry
12:10  … Are they recent postings or legacy postings?
17:14  … company career site and personalized views of the jobs you want
18:37  … Smashfly — a great tool for employers
23:43  … thoughts on looking for a job on LinkedIn
29:27  … what LinkedIn could do that would be good for the candidate, especially with the 90 percent drop off rate.
30:31  … the box we created with the overemphasis on efficiency at the expense of effectiveness
31:43  … a nightmare for compliance, but cool

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