Overqualified Candidates, Devaluing Sourcing, and What Keeps You Up At Night

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  1. Think Twice Before Hiring an Overqualified Candidate
  2. Devaluation Of The Sourcing Role
  3. What Keeps You Up at Night?
  4. Candidate Experience Survey – Survey Questions?
  5. Where Should I Post Sales Jobs in Canada?
  6. He’s MY Candidate!

1. Think Twice Before Hiring an Overqualified Candidate

Mark Bregman writes that you should think hard before hiring someone who is overqualified. He writes, “The one real issue with overqualified candidates is whether they will stay. When a person steps down a level, and takes less pay, there is a real risk they will be vulnerable to recruiters, or will even seek another opportunity, seeing your position as only a stop-gap, or a way station on the path to something better.

Is there a such thing as an overqualified candidate? Is it a big deal? Check out the great discussion going on in the comment section and weigh in yourself.

2. Devaluation Of The Sourcing Role

Kristen Fife writes about a situation she saw recently in a sourcing job ad. She says, “Earlier this week on WArecruit, our local HR and Recruiting discussion list, someone posted a job looking for a “top notch sourcer” (technical) for a very part-time, telecommute opportunity for a contact. The pay rate was listed as between $13-$15/hour. Now, in some parts of the country that might be considered a fair wage, but in Seattle this is less than we pay our Recruiting Assistants and even Corporate Receptionists. I found this pay range to be insulting from a number of angles.

What do you think? Is this a fair wage for a telecommute job or does it demonstrate a lack of respect for sourcing?

3. What Keeps You Up at Night?

Nick Tubach talks about how better management of talent could mean more rest for weary CEOs. He writes, “In a recent interview with INC magazine, Kevin Ryan, the founder of DoubleClick that was sold to a private equity firm for $1.1 billion talked about his approach to building great companies. He used to think that business was 50 percent having the right people. He now thinks that it is 80 percent. With the two companies he is currently running Ryan spends better than 20 percent of his time each week interviewing candidates.

Can a better talent management approach help alleviate fears associated with running your business?

4. Candidate Experience Survey: Survey Questions?

A forum member asks about candidate experience survey questions, “Anyone have experience (or samples you would like to share) of a candidate experience survey you have used?  I would like to survey both candidates we have hired, along with candidates we have not (and also candidates who have self selected out, etc.).

Do you have any materials that could help?

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5. Where Should I Post Sales Jobs in Canada?

Another forum member asks, “I am going to be posting a sales position for our Markham, Ontario office and not familiar with what job site would be the best to post this type of position on (Monster, Workopolis, Careerbuilder, other)?Does anyone have any recommendations on which site would be more beneficial for seeking sales managers?

Any good, Canada specific sites out there for her to use?

6. He’s MY Candidate!

The final word comes from Barbara Goldman and her post “He’s MY Candidate.” She writes, “I’ve had two particularly difficult exchanges this past two weeks with HR Directors who should be doing something else. Twenty five years ago, I tried to understand why someone who is supposed to do good for her employer by recruiting and hiring to fill critical needs, would rather her employer pain, lawsuits, and who knows what else? I’ve never been able to figure it out, but here goes with two recent situations where HR is begging either to be fired, or to stir up a nice fat lawsuit for her company.

“The story is this: A particular hospital needs a director of pharmacy. So, they awarded a retainer to a firm. The retainer hasn’t worked, and the position is still unfilled, after almost a year.

Click through to read the rest.

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