On Federal Database, 2,000 Candidates Await Your Call

The U.S. Department of Labor has made available to employers nationwide a free database of approximately 2,000 new job candidates with disabilities seeking work in a wide variety of fields.

This means that federal employers can now use a password-protected online resource any time.

Private sector and other government employers can request unlimited searches by calling (866) 327-6669.

“American employers often express that while they want to include people with disabilities in their recruitment efforts, they do not know where to find qualified candidates,” said W. Roy Grizzard, assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy, in a release.

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Grizzard explains that The Workforce Recruitment Program bridges this divide by bringing pre-screened job seekers, with varied education and experience, directly to employers.

Employers can set the criteria for each candidate search by specifying location, degree program, position type, and length of appointment.

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