Nurse Turnover in Hospitals

About 82 percent of U.S. hospitals say their annual RN attrition is between 1 and 20 percent, with an average rate of about 14 percent.

Those numbers (click to enlarge the graphic at right that breaks it down) are from KPMG’s new survey on labor costs for full-time nurses in hospitals. It got surveys back from 120 CEOs, CAOs, COOs, CFOs, and HR directors.

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Other findings:

  • Recruiting costs — such as advertising, sign-on bonuses, relocation, and orientation — represent 1% of RN labor costs. Payroll represents about 78% of costs.
  • The typical new-hire orientation and training program runs 233 hours (see the graphic at left, again click to enlarge).
  • It takes on average 37 days to fill a permanent RN position.