New Sites Offer Employee Referrals and Job Screening Tools

Believe it or not, not everyone’s been at the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, or running around getting the kids’ school supplies this month.

Canon Europe told me it launched a new career site, and a company called STIHL told me it did too.

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There are even a couple newer recruiting-technology companies you may not know of:

  • Out of Australia comes a new entrant into a very long line of employee referral companies. This one’s called Talent Tag, which says it has “quietly achieved three seed rounds of funding.” There are a few different explanations on its site as to how it works; one’s here.
  • You might not know M-Recruit yet. Companies use the site to create screening tests (hard skills like SQL or softer, like personality). Candidates immediately get a ranking, or a personality description (ready for them to share all over Facebook). And, the company adds, “a mentoring feature is included to improve their rank and get help to do so from business ambassadors and learning institution mentors.” Companies receive a ranking of the top candidates.