Never Negotiate Perm Fees Again!

In conjunction with RecruitersConnection, I’ll be conducting a free one-hour webinar tomorrow (Wednesday, May 26) on perm fee negotiations. It is scheduled for 1:30pm-2:30pm Eastern.

You have probably seen this in your free training, but this will be live! So join us to refresh what you know, or to ask questions or share with your team. This fast-paced session will bring you back to the basics — let’s face it, everyone in the industry is often faced with having to lower their fees or go head-to-head with free resources, such as job boards and ads.

If you hear, “Your fees are too high,” or “We are going to see what we can get for free first,” this session can save your desk.

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The method can be implemented on your very first call after this session; the concept lies in getting back to the point of understanding what the word contingency means and how you can better sell this to the client. In essence, you can never be overpriced when it will always be the customer who will decide if they want to pay the price. The best part about this technique is that you don’t have to change the things that have worked for you in the past.

Be sure to register here.

Neil Lebovits, CPA, CPC, CTS, before taking the industry by storm as a trainer, was a global president for Adecco, where he sat on the global executive team. Previously, Neil was the president and COO of Ajilon Professional staffing for North America, where he oversaw over 100 offices. Neil has done it all in the industry: Permanent & Temporary Placement, Sales, Branch Management, Regional Management, COO, & President. He founded his industry training & development company, http://www.TheDynamicSale.Com, in 2009. Neil shares the secrets and systems that he has developed and harnessed while working himself up over his 20+ years in the industry. A renowned leader, motivator, trainer, and speaker, he has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNN, ABC news, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Smart Money. Learn more about Neil and sign up for his free online training course at www.TheDynamicSale.Com.