Multi-billion-dollar IT Giant Live With New Career Site in 15 Countries

Remember that “little known Fortune 100 company trying to become a talent factory“? The IT products-and-services company has launched a new career site, talent community, mobile site, and CRM.

Blake Wettstein is the lead on the new site; he and Phil Mentzer, HRIS project manager, traveled globally as part of the implementation.

Greg Hauser, the talent acquisition director at Ingram Micro, tells me the project was “super fast,” starting with a selection process last August/September. “We scoped, planned, configured, developed, and trained for the first go-live,” between then and February he says. It’s now live in 15 countries, and will be up in 52 countries about one week from now, the Friday after Memorial Day in the U.S.

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Soon, says Hauser, the site will be running in eight languages. Agency Ingram Micro helped with the content, design, and videos on the image-heavy site. The agency is internal, but also helps Ingram customers and vendors. 

Ingram is now technically owned by a different company, out of China, called HNA Group. It “remains rooted in southern California” and has sales of about $12 billion a quarter.