.Jobs, Evil Personal Branding, and No Brain Picking

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Here’s what’s going on in the ERE community this week:

  1. Our members speak out on the .jobs issue
  2. Personal branding is NOT evil
  3. Are you on the no brain picking list?
  4. Autoposting software for LinkedIn advertising
  5. Do you know anything about Co-Sourcing?
  6. Featured group of the week: New York Metro ERE

1. Our members speak out: What does .jobs mean to you?

We’ve had some great coverage on the recent .jobs issue from our editorial staff here at ERE. In response to the situation, several members posted some insightful opinions to contrast what has taken place over the last week:

  • Gerry Crispin writes An Open Letter to the SHRM .Jobs Advisory Board. Hard to sum it up in a choice quote but he ends with this recommendation, “As to all the misunderstandings, mis-stated facts and other issues of timelines leading up to today, it would seem prudent of any truly independent council considering what to do next to at least offer a serious period of public comment- say 30 days.
  • Sean Ryan writes how he’s Failing to See the “.Jobs” Hype. He says, “Call me cynical… but I simply don’t buy this “.Jobs” business. It’s not going to change the world. I also don’t buy the uber outrage. It’s not going to change the world. But what do I know… I’ve only been job searching in this terrible economy.
  • Ernest Feiteira posts Dot Jobs 2006 and Now and adds, “Very few URLs in themselves are the key to success.  siliconvalley.jobs might seem like a goldmine, but why isn’t siliconvalleyjobs.com already?  It’s because it’s what you “make of it” and the value you provide users on  the site.

2. Personal Branding is NOT evil

Sarah Welstead posts an interesting take about personal branding. Sarah says, “If you’ve been resisting building a personal brand on the assumption that you’ll be contributing to the downfall of society, you can rest easy.  Branding (and advertising, and marketing) are good for society as a whole (by fostering advances in the absence of war); good for people individually (by allowing them to make choices); and good for the economy (by fostering capitalism).

It seems as though personal branding has gone through a hype and rejection period. Are we finally going to hit a point where we just use what we’ve learned and move on? Let Sarah know!

3. Are you on the no brain picking list?

Sandy Jones-Kaminski asks if people are on the no brain picking list. She goes on to write, “Are you a recruiting strategy consultant or a service provider? How many non-billable brain picking sessions did you sit through so far this year? Or, on the flip side, how many brains did you try to pick for free in Q1 of 2010? I think we should start a National Do Not Brain Pick registry and I want to be on it.

I’m sure we’ve all been in that boat before. Where do you personally draw the line on brain picking sessions?

4. Autoposting software for LinkedIn advertising

A group member asks, “Are there any products out there that can auto-post my paid LinkedIn ads as well as the free ads within my LinkedIn groups?”

Have you seen anything like that? If so, drop him a comment.

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5. Do you know anything about Co-Sourcing?

Another group member asks, “Are you aware of different models in Recruitment Co-Sourcing? Can you provide any links for suggested reading?”

What do you know about recruitment co-sourcing? Let the group know.

6. Featured group of the week: New York Metro ERE

The New York Metro ERE group was started by Steve Levy and is “An offline community to augment the ERE’s online fraternity. Open to all metro New York (CT, NJ, NY)ERE members (if you want to travel from California to attend, that’s cool). Share contacts, ideas, problems and solutions, etc.” I wonder if they’ll take someone from Oregon?

This is a very active offline group too (check out their regular meetups, the next one is happening on April 22nd).

To see what else you’ve been missing, check out the ERE community.

Lance Haun is the practice director of strategy and insights for The Starr Conspiracy, where he focuses on researching and writing about work technology. He is also a former editor for ERE Media, broadly covering the world of human resources, recruiting, and sourcing. 
He has been featured as a work expert in publications like the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC, Fast Company, and other HR and business websites.
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