“How Do I Get Candidates to Stop Ghosting?”

In Episode 42 of Best Hire EverKris Dunn does office hours and answers a listener mail question that’s causing pain everywhere in the world of recruiting:

“How do I get candidates to stop ghosting my recruiters?”

Dawn Burke, VP of talent consulting at Kinetix, sits in for reflection on KD’s advice. Problems are solved. We laugh, we cry. We learn. OK, it’s not that serious, but we discuss. In and out in 15 minutes.

KD believes that you shouldn’t try to stop ghosting, the key is to make candidates who are going to ghost you do it faster and earlier in the process.

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Of course, making great hires is incredibly hard, which is why this podcast exists. Join Kinetix CHRO and partner Kris Dunn (founder of Fistful of Talent, The HR Capitalist, and author of The 9 Faces of HR) as he digs into the topic of hiring top talent with undeniably talented corporate leaders, recruiters, and candidates. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn the hard lessons others learned as they developed their approach to make their BEST HIRE EVER.