Happening on TLNT: Illogical Arguments for Greater Diversity

“Why do we still make illogical and counterproductive arguments for diversity and inclusion?”

I explored this question in a recent TLNT article (itself based on an ERE Digital 2.0 monologue I delivered). It’s an especially relevant question for talent acquisition professionals. In fact, there is lots of content on TLNT, ERE’s sister site that focuses on HR insights, that is important to TA. 

That’s why we’re launching “Happening on TLNT,” a weekly series that will highlight recently published TLNT articles to help elevate your knowledge and work as a recruiting professional. After all, TA functions best when it collaborates with HR, so it’s with that spirit that we hope you’ll check out this and future TLNT stories.

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Now let’s get started with this one. Do you believe that it’s important to hire employees that mirror your customer base? Do you think it’s important to make a business case for diversity? 

Before you answer yes (which you probably already did), I’d like to try to convince you otherwise. Head over to TLNT to read “The Business Case Against Diversity?”

Vadim Liberman is editor of ERE.net and TLNT (the devil wears TJ Maxx) — a workplace renegade advancing how we think, work, and live. He has previously worked as a strategy consultant to HR and recruiting tech companies at The Starr Conspiracy, as a talent management professional at Prudential, and as senior editor of The Conference Board Review, a magazine for business leaders. Vadim loves to talk about all things HR, talent acquisition, and Bravo TV shows. Bring it!