H and M’s Employees Are Stars of New Campaign As it Expands in U.S. and Beyond

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.15.44 AMThe big Swedish retailer H&M is running a recruiting campaign in the U.S. called “Place of Possible” that’ll include advertising in stores, online, on billboards, as well as a college tour.

About 50 H&M employees will be featured.

Employees talk unscripted about their career paths at H&M, particularly about individualism and being accepted for who they are, as well as about how they stumbled upon a company while just in search of a job and found that it became a retail career.

“The fact that I’m in a senior-level position after less than a year with the company,” says one employee in a strong video on the top of the company’s career site, “I don’t know anywhere else I could do that.”

H&M also — and this is something we’ve talked about — features ads on, not before you get to, its job descriptions, tailored to specific jobs, not just about the company as a whole. 

The chain says it opened 62 stores last year in the U.S. and plans 61 for this year, including a big one opening up in about a week in New York City.

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In the last five years, it says, there’ve been more than 4,500 promotions in the United States (an interesting statistic if for no other reason than it shows the company actually keeps track of this). H&M says 35 percent of corporate-office employees started as store sales associates.