Fun Friday: 99 Problems, Recruiter-Style

I have qualified for my company’s Performance Forum trip nine years out of ten that I have worked there. For the last five years, it has become tradition that I perform a LIVE rap with the band on awards night. Unfortunately, this year, I won but was unable to attend, so I did what I do best and still made sure my tradition lived on: I created a rap video. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful staff of teammates to help me act, shoot, and complete the video on time.

As I was completing the video, I thought it might also be a great way for me to differentiate myself from the competition. I am pretty certain that very few recruiters are making rap videos that their clients get to see.

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I am curious what others think of this — can we start to use YouTube as a form of self-promotion in recruiting sales?  Corporations certainly have, but can the individual recruiter do it, too? Share your thoughts below, and enjoy my video for Fun Friday.

Ronald Gulick III graduated from ACU with a degree in Communications while minoring in Marketing. Upon graduation, he worked for a dotcom at which he was placed by Spherion. After being laid off, he was asked to be a recruiter, and he has been recruiting for Accounting and Finance temps ever since -- that was 10 years ago. Spherion eventually spun off the Mergis Group to do professional staffing, which is where Gulick is currently working.