Easily Source Techs and Scientists In the Patent Office With TalentBin

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If you’ve delved deeper into sourcing than a LinkedIn search, you’ve probably heard of using the U.S. patent database to search for talent. That process wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off.

This month, TalentBin launched an easier way to search the patent database and find candidates that are, oftentimes, difficult to locate in more common databases. This is an addition to the growing list of services TalentBin covers.

Oh, and I should also mention that they also just launched a snazzy new iPhone app as well. But more about patent talent search.

Easier Patent Talent Search

U.S. patent records are a part of the public record, available to anyone. You can search records with either the built-in search or using tools like Google’s dedicated patent search. If you use the patent office’s advanced search, you’ll get something that looks like the first picture.

That gives me a headache. That’s beside the point though. After all, if mining the patent database for talent is something you have to do to find the people you need, you’ll deal with the headache in order to make it happen. But, if you only need to do occasional searches, or maybe you just want a simplified, people focused search instead, TalentBin might be a better answer.

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Something that looks a bit more like this might make some sourcers and recruiters much happier:

Peter Kazanjy, founder of TalentBin, said via e-mail, “This is extremely powerful because this brings the ‘implicit professional profile’ approach… to a much larger swath of the recruiting world. Like electrical engineering, aerospace, petroleum, pharm(a), biotech, defense, and so on.”

And as he mentions, “These sort of folks have even worse LinkedIn presences than the disciplines we’ve been covering to date.”

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Indeed, some of these folks might have no (or, very little) web presence to go off of. So, being an expert cyberslueth to track down contact info still has its advantages but using TalentBin can be one less step in that daunting prospect.

Lookup for iPhone

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In addition to the patent database search news, TalentBin also released an iPhone application called Lookup. I can’t use it since my phone is an Android, but I won’t knock it for that. If you use the app and search for me, you’ll see that handsome fellow on the left along with my consolidated profile information collected from TalentBin’s search of the web.

I can imagine it being useful (another review mentioned there’s no way to e-mail or favorite a search, though). I imagine it would be helpful in face-to-face meetings or maybe before an interview to learn more about a candidate coming in.

Like a lot of people, I’m not particularly sold on mobile search capabilities ever being a huge consideration for sourcers and recruiters but as an add-on to an already robust product? Sure, why not.

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