Company Claims it Will Track Which Companies Are Doing the Most Recruiting

Bruce Murray believes he’s struck on something that every recruiting services provider needs to direct its business development efforts — a barometer that measures which companies are hiring, which are leading the pace in recruiting, and how much they’re spending to attract new talent.

That’s why his New York-based company, Corzen, Inc., a provider of recruitment market data and analysis, has developed a recruiting activity model that tracks the hiring habits of each of more than 13 million businesses in the United States.

Murray, the company’s CEO, says Corzen is now using a combination of data-scraping from online job boards, Dun and Bradstreet data, statistics from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other sources to determine which companies are doing the most hiring and for what positions, and feeding that to recruitment services providers.

Corzen incorporates these data into a model that can take any single business in the United States and predict how much hiring that business will do over the course of the year. The company assigns each employer in the United States a score that estimates the number of people they will hire and the amount that each is likely to spending on outside recruiting services.

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“We developed the Corzen Score to assist companies across all segments of the recruiting services marketplace,” Murray says. “The Internet has created a much more competitive environment for recruiters; the Corzen Score enables online job boards, staffing companies, recruiters, and newspapers to focus their efforts on the companies that do the most hiring. The reason the Corzen Score is more accurate than other methods of identifying hiring potential is that we bring all these sources together into one hiring model. No one has done this before.”

Murray says his company is also developing a resume-scoring component to its services portfolio. “Never before have there been so many resumes online as there are today,” he says, adding that the mission of the new resume-scoring service (details of which will be released in the coming weeks) will be to “help employers understand the potential market for employees.”

Murray acknowledges that other recruiting services providers have worked to qualify resumes and match them with corporate employment opportunities. But, he adds, “The approach we have, we think, is new and will do a better job because of our access to millions of resumes and deriving information from that.”