Chipotle TA Director Mike Miller Talks About Recruiting With Purpose

In Episode 37 of Best Hire EverKris Dunn talks with Mike Miller, director of talent acquisition at Chipotle, about all things recruiting at one of the most interesting brands in America, with a specific focus on recruiting for a purpose-driven company.

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Show Highlights

1:25 – Mike talks about his interesting path with energetic brands before landing at Chipotle.

4:20 – Make sure you are aligning yourself with brands that are additive to what you want to do.

Five Quick-Hitters With Mike

7:30 – Go-to order at Chipotle for Mike.

9:47 – Must have TA tech that Mike would fight not to lose.

11:48 – Hidden gem (can be anything) that folks coming to Nashville have to see that most tourists won’t find.

13:27 – Thing that Mike misses most about L.A.

15:44 – Three words that describe Mike’s recruiting life at Chipotle!

And Some Bigger Themes

16:57 – Mike describes how he determines whether a candidate for his team will fight/advocate for what they believe.

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19:55 – Mike describes his philosophy on follow-up questions in interviewing to get to real value and insight into the candidate.

21:40 – KD asks Mike about the concept of a purpose-driven life at Chipotle. How does that help Chipotle get more than their share of great talent at Chipotle?

25:28 – KD and Mike talk about the meaning of “safe” and how that comes with accountability on the employee side, as well!

32:15 – How has Chipotle’s TA strategy changed as a result of the pandemic? Which changes will stick once we get to the new normal, and which will go away?

39:10 – Mike and KD discuss the Chipotle Debt-Free Degrees program. Mike shares the incredible traction the program is getting.

44:12– KD asks Mike for his favorite interview question.

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