Best Hire Ever: Tim Sackett’s Lifetime Movie + What Candidates Want From Bonus Plans

In Episode 25 of Best Hire Ever, Kris Dunn talks with Tim Sackett about how bonus plan information drives candidate behavior and a recruiter’s ability to close the candidate. Tim talks about catching a baby shark in Florida, and KD whips up a Lifetime Movie script that could be about Tim Sackett, a double murder, and the baby killer shark he threw back into the gulf of Mexico.

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Show Highlights:

1:45 – Tim starts talking about catching a baby shark.

2:35 – KD starts pitching a Lifetime movie about Tim throwing the shark back into the ocean. It includes Tim going to prison after throwing the shark back, Mrs. Sackett getting him out of prison with DNA evidence, then finding himself in the ocean on a boogie board and the Shark comes back as an adult, circles Tim, but doesn’t attack him. The movie is called “Second Chance.” LOL.

6:30 – Tim and KD pivot and start talking about bonus objectives and how they influence professional grade and leadership candidates. Do candidates care? What are they looking for? Tim breaks down the more savvy the candidate is, the more they care and want to talk about it before accepting the offer.

8:20 – KD and Tim talk about the difference between asking the bonus percent (example, 20%) and asking what the bonus is actually based on. Tim says that savvy recruiters provide confidence that it’s going to pay out without being super specific.

11:00 – Tim talks about what type of candidate really digs in and wants all the information behind the bonus percentage. The more passive and the more senior the candidate is and doesn’t need a job, the more questions they’re going to ask.

14:15 – Tim and KD talk about type of bonus objectives that candidates hate — anything black and white, and anything that’s based on revenue targets or other things they can’t control. Shitty targets = unknown bonus payout.

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17:50 – Tim talks about great candidates liking and not being afraid of specific revenue targets, as long as they are in charge and there’s an internal locus of control.

21:20 – KD talks about the type of bonus objectives candidates love to see — it’s the ones they get to write! MBOs for the win!

25:34 – KD and Tim talk about a new Microsoft bonus objective — integrity. It sounds great, but Tim and KD talk about how hard it is to measure actual integrity, because you don’t know there’s an issue with integrity until it’s gone.

31:30 – Tim and KD talk about the weirdest bonus objectives they’ve ever had.

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