Best Hire Ever: Jenn Hoffer on Zoom Breakout Rooms for Training Managers

In Episode 13 of Best Hire Ever, Kris Dunn chats with Kinetix HR Consultant, Jennifer Hoffer, about the nuances and positives of facilitating leadership training classes virtually using Zoom — the awkward moments, the tools available, the power of live skill practice via Zoom breakout rooms, ability to engage, etc.

They discuss initial expectations in needing to adapt to the times and switch from live training to facilitating on a virtual platform and being pleasantly surprised with some of the advantages of virtual training.

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Show Highlights:

2:50 – The Power of Names — KD and Jenn discuss that her kid might be either an Avenger or a Navy Seal when he grows up because his name is bad@$$.

10:35 – Brace yourselves. Kris and Jenn discuss why using the Breakout Rooms in Zoom for discussion and skill practice are actually better than live training. (*Gasp*)

12:10 – Did you know the Zoom Breakout Rooms have multiple features you can customize for your training groups? Kris and Jenn talk about manually or automatically assigning participants to groups, controlling the time, “ask for help” features, etc.

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15:00 – Kris talks about the power of using a “cheat sheet” or job-aid for your skill practice framework via Zoom and how managers can benefit from this in live conversations with employees going forward.

18:46 – Zoom, this one’s for you. Kris and Jenn have a wish list for you to make virtual training via your platform even better.

23:35 – Finally, you can only pick one — live or virtual. You’ll be surprised what they choose.

27:30 – KD and Jenn talk about the need for more product development on the “general session” or “full class” environment to compliment some of training advantages of Zoom Breakout rooms.

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