Background-checking Companies Taking on the Employee Side of the Process

eknowid logoAt least a couple of companies, neither too well known yet, have a different take on a background check: they’re having job candidates take a turn in the driver’s seat when it comes to the whole process.

First there’s eKnowID. Candidates use it to “conduct a comprehensive and thorough HR self-background check prior to the scrutiny of a prospective employer.” One advantage for candidates is they can challenge something that’s wrong before an employer does the check and mistakenly thinks the employee has a red flag in their past.

The company is a division of KENTECH Consulting, a Chicago background check technology company.

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Another firm that’s pretty new is Acertiv (whose advisors include HireVue’s Chip Luman and the ubiquitous China Gorman). Acertiv, which is angel funded, has something called a ProofSheet (see my embed, below). Candidates can upload documents or otherwise provide citations for their various accomplishments.