Caroline Stokes is an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, and certified EQ.2.0 trainer, for global technology and entertainment innovation leaders. In 2017, she founded The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter, a service for recruiters who want to traverse the the AI landscape with enhanced human skills. It can be found at

She draws from her previous experiences as executive headhunter and partner of international search firm Natural Selection, and from her time working in media relations and product strategy for PlayStation, Nokia, and Virgin across North America, Europe, and APAC.

During that time, she was appalled to discover how the recruitment ecosystem was broken: from talent evolving their leadership and career journey, to recruiters lacking EQ that impacts employer brand, through to companies poor first 100 days management when their expensive unicorn joins.

Organizations and talent from Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, Autodesk, the BBC and other tech leaders work with Caroline to move their human capital development and acquisition plans forward.

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