ZipRecruiter Testing an Interesting ‘Check Salary’ Feature on Job Ads, Including Its Own

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Oct 11, 2016
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ZipRecruiter is testing a new feature on its site that it hopes will get more employers to provide salary information about a job.

On some job ads on ZipRecruiter, the feature I noticed last week gives job candidates the choices of either applying for a job or pressing a button that says “check salary.”

In a proverbial case of (like SmashFly) sampling one’s own dog food, ZipRecruiter is also trying this for jobs at its own company.

What happens is if a salary is not posted, ZipRecruiter displays the “check salary” button. If someone clicks on it, ZipRecruiter makes a log of it, and also provides hiring manager with a tally of how many overall people have requested salary information for a job. That note provides a link for managers to update the salary.

If an employer then updates the salary, the job seeker gets a link letting them know.

The point is to get more employers to give compensation information up front, something I emailed Raghav Singh about to get his take.

“This is a simple feature but it does have a lot of value,” he says. “… a candidate has no way to ask anything about the job at the time they apply. I can see that allowing for any communication from candidates can inundate recruiters with questions, but it can be automated. Certainly the salary question can be responded to without someone having to send an email. It’s also useful feedback for the employer — if too many candidates are opting out following a response, then clearly the salary is too low.”

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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