You’ve Added Snapchat Into the Recruitment Marketing Mix! Now What?

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Mar 29, 2017

It’s no secret that Snapchat is the newest kid on the block when it comes to recruiting and employer branding. With the power to boost employee morale, transform your team into brand ambassadors, revive your employer brand, and display true company culture in real time, it is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Since the storytelling powerhouse does not offer formal analytics, most are still perplexed about how to measure the success of their content on Snapchat. Shift your focus from your number of followers to the number of people consuming your content with these four key metrics.

Views Per Snap & Total Unique Views

If there is one metric that matters, this is the one. Each open rate is a clear implication of audience interest. In order to keep track of your progress and set new KPIs, calculate the average views of your Snapchat stories each day. To calculate the total unique views, monitor the number of people who have opened up the first frame of your story for at least one second every 24 hours. Keep in mind that in order to keep your viewers watching, your stories must have a cohesive beginning, middle, and end — aka: a reason to follow through.

Total Story Completions

More often than not, the more people who have viewed the last frame of your story, the more who have watched it to completion and consumed the content that you so-carefully crafted. When posting a story that is multiple frames long, take note of the number of people who have viewed your last snap within the 24-hour window.

Number of Screenshots

There are no like, comment, or share features within this platform, but the app does track how many people are saving your content for later. The number of screenshots within your stories is an essential indicator of what content is most entertaining and valuable to your viewers. Be sure to commit yourself to an editorial calendar that ensures purposeful, relevant, and of course screenshot-worthy content.

Completion Rate

In case you are not an avid Snapchatter, users generally consume content in one sitting, even if brands are posting continuously throughout the day (guilty as charged!) Measured as a percentage, this key metric of engagement is the ratio of people who began to view the outset of your story, compared to the number of those who viewed the climax of your story. If you notice that the majority of your viewers are only watching a percentage of your snaps in total, it may be worth it to revisit your content calendar.

An important aspect of building and connecting with a digital community is to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing social platforms. Happy Snapping!

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