You Are Part Of The Top “X” On LinkedIn. So What?

Feb 19, 2013
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Minnesota Headhunter Appearances in SearchLike you, I started seeing the posts and pics last week on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (yes, Instagram) from friends who were receiving the “You have one of the top X% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012” email from LinkedIn.

First it was 10% then 5% and later in the week 1%.

And I started thinking, “am I really not that cool to have ranked in the top 1%? How can that be?”

Whew, Tuesday morning I received mine and the validation kicked in. I was part of the “cool kids” group. And yes, I posted it on Facebook and Instagram too.

Yeah, I was one of “those” people.

As the day went I started wondering: what does it mean to be 1 in 2,000,000?

So I put it out on Facebook and in some email to friends and now I put it out to you too …how often is your LinkedIn profile viewed?

I’ve included a couple of screen shots from 9 a.m. last week, one at the top of this article and one toward the end.

My questions are:

  • Are these good numbers? High, low or average?
  • I am more curious about the ratio of Appearances to Views. Is this a good ratio? I suppose they may not be as connected as I think. Some folks may be coming to my profile from a link on the Minnesota Headhunter blog, email footer, or other links.
  • My guess is the number of “Views” also depends on my LinkedIn usage. If I am sending a lot of InMail, as an example, odds are my “Views” count will increase.

Minnesota Headhunter ViewsAnd how much does it depend on who you are, what your title is?

What I mean is I am hoping to rank high for “Minnesota Recruiter,” “Minnesota IT Recruiter,” and “Minnesota Headhunter.”

The number of searches for those keywords has to be much smaller than, for example, “Google Recruiter” or “Apple Recruiter.”

Which gets me to this: does this matter?

This is has created a lot of PR for LinkedIn, not all of it good. It will be interesting to see if it does a “Top 100,000” or “Top 100.” Maybe that will come with some bragging rights.

For now, I am looking for context.

Are you willing to share your numbers?

This article is part of a series called Opinion.
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