Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Women and Promotions in the Workplace

HiBob's report provides a closer look into gender-specific disparities to create a more equitable workplace environment

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Mar 1, 2024

“Are we there yet?” is what kids often ask when traveling on family trips. The same question applies to building a more inclusive and fulfilling workplace for everyone. Are we there yet? And the answer is not quite.

A recent study by HiBob sheds light on the experiences of professional women in the U.S. workplace and offers insights into both progress and ongoing challenges. The study highlights the need for continued efforts to create a more equitable and supportive work environment for women. This report includes addressing the gender gap in promotions, ensuring transparency and fairness in career advancement opportunities, and potentially exploring solutions to address the factors driving women to leave their jobs at a higher rate than men.

They surveyed responses from 2,000 full-time employees, and topline findings included:

  • Almost a quarter (22%) of women believe working mothers are promoted less.
  • More men (38%) received promotions with pay increases in 2023 compared to only 32% of women.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of women claim their company lacks balanced male/female leadership.

Although 2024 is proving to be a transformational year, the need for organizations to address gender-specific disparities is a concern. Our roundtable discussion in the upcoming ERE Recruiting Conference aims to tackle these issues and discuss how recruiters can partner with HR and hiring managers to foster a more equitable workplace environment.

Learn more from the full report at HiBob.

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