When In Doubt, Send Them Out

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Jul 30, 2014

Dear Barb:

This is going to be a loaded question, but I want to ask if you think men or women are better at our profession. I think women are more intuitive, and that the guys in my office often screen out candidates that our clients would hire.

It seems like the hardest people to convince are often my co-workers. You always say, “When in doubt, send them out,” and let the client decide.

How do I bang that in the heads of my co-workers? I know we’ve lost placements and just recently someone I had presented got hired on one of our job orders by another firm. What more proof do I need? How would you force co-workers to submit my candidates?

Rebecca J., San Francisco, CA

Dear Rebecca:

You don’t have to love or even like the candidates you submit to your clients. You have to make sure they have the skills, experience, and stability required by your clients. It’s not important if you like them; what is important is that your client likes them!

I do often say “When in doubt, send them out,” but that does not mean to send out garbage and waste your clients’ time. If a candidate has the skills, stability, and experience, you owe it to your candidates, clients and yourself to let your client make the hiring decision. You will often be amazed at some of their decisions, but pleased that you made a placement!

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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