What’s New: WhistleTalk; Workable HR; RemarkableHire; Headhuntable; Gild; Much Much More

Nov 6, 2012
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A new employee referral tool, a new way to source IT employees, a career site for developers and engineers, a young startup working on verifying resumes, and an applicant tracking system. It’s all below.

First, out of Bangalore comes WhistleTalk. The CEO tells me the company has closed a round of seed funding, and have seven full-time employees and a few freelancers.

In short, WhistleTalk’s a way for people to earn a bonus by sharing a job opening with their friends via social media. Here’s a short video about it.

Meanwhile, out of London and Athens comes Workable HR, an applicant tracking system based more on a LinkedIn profile than a resume.

This page gives a little overview of what seems like a simple, clean, system for customizing career pages, publishing openings on social media, and asking some basic screening questions. Click the graphic at right to take a look at one screeenshot.

Workable, which has four full-time employees, has raised 100,000 Euros, or about $125,000, of seed funding from private investors, and is working on raising another $750,000.

On to RemarkableHire, a new sourcing tool based on (ready for another buzzword?): social evidence. Candidates are ranked not based on how many keywords they repeat in a resume, but on their expertise, as shown on social media. It’s about $300-350/month, and is getting some interest from Amazon, as well as staffing firms like Kforce.

Again, a video:

RemarkableHire has two employees, is bootstrapped, and is operating out of McLean, Virgina.


  • Headhuntable launches in beta, for developers and engineers.
  • Resumator raises money.
  • Gild goes for startups.
  • Whitetruffle cut off from LinkedIn
  • myCNAjobs adds tools to track applicants
  • You heard it here first: out of Los Angeles, a site called Skillfully is being developed. Founder Lior Shamir says it is a “social pre-employment screening tool which measures the integrity of resumes. Our mission is to minimize liability of reference-giving practices, reduce time and cost of background verification, and increase quality and speed of hire.” Shamir, who I’m meeting up with tomorrow, previously was the CEO of an e-commerce site for musicians.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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