What’s New: TMP’s TalentBrew; Blind Dates With TalentBin; Hire Routes; Jobs for Friends; More

Sep 21, 2012
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Just a taste of what’s new of late:

  • TMP has added functionality to “TalentBrew.” In brief, the new features are “location-based” functions, like allowing candidates to only search for jobs within a certain radius.
  • TalentBin has a new iPhone app. A spokesperson says via email that you can “look up someone easily — giving you quick access to your potential employer, client, or even your blind date’s online information.” More here.
  • The new site Hire Routes allows you to post jobs and offer cash rewards. CEO and founder Austin Root says that “those posted jobs are also automatically shared with the select networks we’re building at Hire Routes. From there, the people in the social networks will do the recruiting for you and find you job seekers.”
  • In that genre: Jobs for Friends, out of Berlin.
  • OneWire is getting more into search, for the finance field.
  • The video-interviewing market has expanded rapidly, of course, with plenty of vendors like HireVue and Montage getting lots of play. One company somewhat off my radar screen that a pharma recruiter was chatting with me about Wednesday is VideoView. Based in Amsterdam, it handles asynchronous interviews.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.