What’s New: SourceMob, Seelio, LinkedIn, SkillGalaxy

Aug 14, 2012
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Source Mob helps you “plug into social media to sell your jobs.” This explains in brief how it works on Facebook; it also works with Twitter and other sites. Essentially, it’s pulling jobs from your applicant tracking system and spreading them onto social media sites.

Source Mob has about 18 contractors working for it, out of Minneapolis. It’s self-funded and plans on raising more money soon.

You Want More?

  • Seelio is a new site for college students to post more than just simple resumes.
  • Out of the UK, fall ERE speaker Fraser Hill has launched a new, customizable recruiting training, with a version for in-house corporate recruiters coming in about a week.
  • There’s a new staffing website, SkillGalaxy, for hiring contractors or regular employees. Well, sort of new: It was developed six years ago but put on hold, only to be relaunched and redesigned this summer.
  • LinkedIn is tight-lipped about it, but it looks like some companies are testing out the new version of career pages on the site. (In multiple conversations with multiple folks at LinkedIn, the company emphasizes that these are “extremely limited” tests, not final.) They’re a little more visual than the old LinkedIn career pages, with a larger image and a couple sentences about the company whose page it is. A good example is American Express. Gilt also seems to be freshened up too. LinkedIn Spokeswoman Julie Inouye says “we test features all the time across the LinkedIn experience and specifically we’ve been talking a lot about ‘simplifying’ our core product experiences to make them easier to use for members. The latest product to go thru this simplification effort is our recent homepage redesign.”
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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