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Sep 6, 2012
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a company page for iPhones

LinkedIn is launching a few changes. Some of the most interesting revolve around a mobile-friendly version of its company pages. Droid and iPhone users, rather than using a phone to view company pages like they do with a computer, will have a streamlined, mobile-optimized company page (see graphic at right).

Another change is that as part of people’s “Recent Updates,” the “jobs you may be interested in” will appear.

Below is an example of what those “jobs you may be interested in” looks like, also shown on an iPhone.

"jobs you may be interested in"

LinkedIn had been experiencing some pretty high bounce rates when smart phone users tried its non-optimized pages using smart phones, an issue it has wanted to address as about one of five users come to LinkedIn via a mobile device. Nineteen people-searches are done on LinkedIn every second from mobile devices, and 41 LinkedIn profiles are viewed every second from mobile devices.

Growth is particularly strongly coming from LinkedIn iPad users, who generally tend to be more in more managerial positions than other LinkedIn users.

This & That

Meanwhile, here are a few other recent tidbits about recruiting job boards, venture capital funds, databases, and more.

  • myCNAjobs has a new tool out, starting at $25. Post a job, and “the dedicated myCNAjobs recruitment squad taps into a vast partnership network of churches, CNA schools, and community centers to continuing piping in caregivers that meet the specific job requirements.”
  • The HR Fund, a venture capital fund based in India, has a new site up, and will announce a new investment soon.
  • TalentBin has a tool for searching patent databases.
  • Talent Technology hired Matt Charney, who’d been with Cornerstone OnDemand and previously Monster. Charney authored that 2009 “Bullet Point to the Head” post that generated 76 comments.
  • Among the many recent new sites are those for electrical jobs, “abled grads,” and lawyers.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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