What’s New: HuntShire; Shiftgig; CareerCloud’s Social Resumes; iCIMS; WordPress

Dec 27, 2012
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.

Here’s a quick look at some of the newer recruiting-technology companies you may not have heard of, from gamification to screening to a significant new “social resume” tool launching right now.

  • I imagine gamification-fan Matt Jeffery would like the startup out of New Delhi called Huntshire. The job seeker takes part in a “hunt” (sort of like an online job fair), where they’re tested on skills that would be used on the job, through a set of puzzles. When it’s over, candidate scores and bio information are sent to the recruiter. A hunt can be put on by one company, or multiple. It’s not just an assessment tool but a branding tool, where the candidate is given messages about the company during the hunt. Huntshire is funded by TLabs, and is a team of three — all co-founders.
  • Shiftgig is a Chicago startup involved in the proverbial “matching” employer-to-candidate business. OK Cupid’s founder is on Shiftgig’s board. What’s a little different is that this site is mainly focused on the service sector — hospitality, retail. A spokesman tells me 5,000 businesses are using it, and 140,000 candidates made profiles. FAQs are here.
  • You may remember CareerCloud from back in June. As I write this, CEO Chris Russell tells me he’s launching a “social resume” tool that collates job seekers’ public LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and other info, turning that into a PDF that can be sent around to potential employers. A quick summary’s in this video:
  • iCIMS is tackling the recruiting industry’s version of “CRM” — “candidate relationship management.”
  • There’s a new job-site theme with WordPress.
  • More recruiting technology tools are in the works. I’m in touch with a company launching out of Sunnyvale, California, that’ll be a combination ATS-employee referral-screening-matching site. More to come on that when its public beta launches in January.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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