What’s New: HireRabbit; Headhunt In; Gradspring; SortBox, AngelList, Silp; AfterCollege

Aug 22, 2012
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Some of what’s new, what’s changed, or that you just may not have heard of before.

Today’s tools include Facebook recruiting, keeping track of job applicants, college grad hiring, startup recruiting, and in-house recruitment training.

  • There’s a new job board for recruiting graduates from college. Gradspring, still working on its website, is focusing on entry-level jobs — only those with a physical workspace, not working from home. Job-seekers, not job posters, are charged.
  • “Meet the founders, not the recruiters” at AngelList, for job-seekers looking for startup jobs.
  • Fraser Hill launched the in-house, corporate version of the recruitment training mentioned a couple of weeks ago.
  • SortBox (explained here) is a new way to collect and filter job applicants. The company says it is “not trying to take on other tech tools in this space such as Taleo or Resumator — most businesses don’t need that level of complexity” and that it is the “perfect tool for small businesses, startups, or recruiters.”
  • Back to that recruiting-with-Facebook topic that seems to have touched a nerve, there’s a new site for doing so: Silp.
  • HireRabbit is in the business of creating Facebook pages for employers. It’s in private beta, and operates out of India.
  • Relaunching with multiple new features: AfterCollege. Among the features is an “employer talent network,” where a recruiter can connect with students, recent grads, applicants, and potential applicants, and send messages to them. (It’s an idea I think has legs, reminding me of something Jobfox tried that was a little similar but, in Jobfox’s case, didn’t really take off). There are other new features, some a tad reminiscent of LinkedIn, like profiles with vanity URLs. With AfterCollege, you can get recommendations from people even if they’re not registered on the site.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.