What Software Developers Want From a Recruiter Contact and a Job Interview

May 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.01.22 AMDon’t call me.

I mean — you can email me. Just don’t call me.

That’s what quite a few software developers say, at least.

Stack Overflow Careers recently released our Developer Hiring Landscape, a report that incorporates the opinions of 26,000 developers in over 150 countries. These survey results focus on how recruiters and employers can effectively contact, interview, and retain developer talent.

65 percent of developers said email is a “great” way to hear about new job opportunities. Apparently the phone’s not as great. 44 percent say of developers they “hate” to be contacted this way. 52 percent feel the same hate about being contacted via Facebook.

As for the interview process, in the eyes of the developer community, the top three ideas developers would like to see implemented include: recruiters introducing them to the team (47 percent), being shown the exact space where they will work (37 percent), and being better prepared as to who they’ll be speaking to and what is on the agenda (35 percent). 

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