Wells Fargo’s EVP of Talent on Diversity, Millennials, and College Recruiting

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Oct 16, 2018

When your company is doing well, employment branding is a breeze. But what happens when your organization is at the center of a negative press storm? Below, you’ll hear from the embodiment of grace under pressure: Carly Sanchez, of Wells Fargo, a company that generates 2.5 million job candidates annually.

During my Big Fish in the Talent Pool Podcast interview with Carly, she and I discuss, among other things, the tumultuous times she has seen in her career in the financial services industry, and her unique perspective as a global people leader and Latina.

Most people would agree that the last couple of years at Wells Fargo have provided some extra challenges for Carly and her team in her role as EVP of talent acquisition strategy & delivery and diversity recruitment. When I asked her what it has been like to manage all of that through such extraordinarily tough times, her response was to encourage her team to stay positive, take the long view, and focus on attracting and hiring 90,000 people annually in spite of business headwinds.

Recruitment strategy and delivery aren’t her only capabilities. Having been the chief diversity officer at AIG, she has a unique perspective on the importance of attracting the best talent that reflects the company’s customer base. I loved hearing her approach to creating an inclusive environment not just to attract new hires, but to allow Wells Fargo team members to thrive across the entire employment experience from recruitment to retirement.

The scale of hiring at Wells Fargo is amazing, and we can learn so much from Carly. I hope you enjoy “overhearing” our conversation on  iTunes or Soundcloud (below).

And if you enjoy this podcast, you will appreciate my upcoming session in Orlando this week with former podcast guest Sylvette Sawyers of Opendoor, David Reed of Vail Resorts, and Tara Noonan Amaral, formerly with Fidelity. Join us!

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