Video Resume Site Launches

Jul 22, 2008
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If video resumes are the future of recruiting, then is a peek at what’s to come. The brand new site showcases candidate videos that are linked to digital resumes, cover letters and references packaged together with a rudimentary skills and background profile to make candidates searchable.

The slickly designed site launched a few weeks ago with a handful of employers. More are to be added when the site officially opens up to employers, who, like the jobseekers, can also post videos to supplement traditional job postings.

There’s nothing especially remarkable about FutureResume. CareerBuilder has been offering video resumes for more than a year. FutureResume takes it a further step, making the video the main attraction, rather than an additional element. Even though jobseekers can post a “paper” resume and skip the video, they’ll be discouraged by the $14.95 monthly fee FutureResume will begin to charge next year.

“Candidates who post on are serious job seekers,” says co-founder and CEO Theo Rokos. “They’ll go to the trouble of putting their best foot forward in a video introduction, plus, after January 1, they’re willing to invest a small fee to stand out from the crowd on job boards. Employers will see the difference.

FutureResume will accept do-it-yourself candidate and employer videos. Jobseekers in the Los Angeles area (the company is headquartered in Southern California’s Newport Beach) can come in to the FutureResume office to have a video shot there for $100. Employers can have Future Resume make a video for them for $500, plus monthly posting charges.

Brothers Theo and Greg Rokos founded FutureResume this year, after careers in sales and executive search respectively.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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