Got a Minute? New Video-heavy Job Site Hopes You Do

Feb 13, 2012
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Video didn’t kill the radio star and it hasn’t killed the job boards so far, but another new career site would like to take a chunk of their business. This startup hopes to marry video, screening, and job searching. Ring a bell? Well, we were talking about something a little similar two weeks ago.

That company, Get Hired, was really more of an applicant tracking system, with an emphasis on audio and video — and more. This one’s goals are less massive. It’s called Spark Hire, and it has received a million dollars in angel funding from private investors.

Like with other career sites, job seekers can search for jobs, of course. They can also record a 60-second video about themselves.

As for employers, they can do a number of things, some commonly found on other sites, some not.

They can set up a company page, post jobs, showcase their recruiters, do q-and-a sessions with candidates, add a company video, and talk amongst themselves about how the search is going. They can also look through those 60-second profiles I mentioned above. Or, they can send out a question to a bunch of candidates, and have them all respond with a video answer. The system also allows them to do live, split-screen video interviews.

Right now, on Spark Hire, you’ll be able to post, screen, and interview for free. Marketing Coordinator Adeel Alam tells me that Spark Hire wants to build up a good inventory of jobs, and job seekers, and later charge for postings, online interviews, and more, including online advertising on the site. It’s set to launch today.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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