Unilever Wants to Shorten Hiring From 4 Months to 2 Weeks

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Sep 21, 2016

As Unilever looks to buy both Seventh Generation and Honest and move into newer, hipper, healthier consumer options, it’s also making changes to its hiring process. 

There are basically four parts of the new procedure (outlined in a video I’m embedding below), which will first be for students and interns (not all candidates), depending on the market.

First, candidates fill out an application, which includes a LinkedIn sync. They get an email and text message saying they made it to the next round.

Then, in the next round, they spend about 20 minutes maximum going through a mobile-friendly series of 12 games, with help from Pymetrics (once called a potential early disruptor).

Next comes a video interview. This part’s done through HireVue.

If they pass that, they’re in touch with a recruiter, in touch (virtually) with other candidates, and go to full-day event where they’re immersed in what it’s like to work at Unilever.

All along all this, candidates give feedback on what they think of the process, and receive feedback on, Unilever says, “strength and necessary areas of development. The aim is to help them in their career regardless of whether they are hired at Unilever or not.”

Successful candidates are given an offer through DocuSign, onboarded via Workday, and talk to their new coworkers through Chatter.

Unilever, which hopes this shortens the hiring process to a couple of weeks and drastically reduces recruiter-screening time, has tested this process in parts of Asia and North America, is rolling it out to Europe right now, and across the globe through year’s end. The company has 169,000 employees and includes Dove, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, and more.

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