UK Company Turns “Would You Rather?” Into a Recruiting Game

Nov 28, 2012
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Remember the UK company Reckitt Benckiser that launched a Facebook game a couple years’ back? The consumer-products giant is out with a new game, one that’s a takeoff on the “Would you rather?” game that — depending on your age — you may have played late at night in college.

This one’s called Profile DeRBy, with the two capital letters a reference to the Reckitt name. You’re led through a series of 20 questions where you’re asked to choose between alternatives like, “The crowd is going wild, would you rather be the band’s lead singer or the band’s drummer?”

It is about recruiting, but it’s a soft sell. The opening page of the game says “Your choices will reveal an individual personality profile – are you composed or analytical? Or are you a game changer like we are at RB?”

After the game, one link takes you to an “about Reckitt” section that says that “A career at RB gives you the opportunity to make a difference, make decisions and get real training, doing real work … You could get the chance to work on one of our 19 Powerbrands, which are famous around the world. … We have the highest rate of innovation of our peers. But the power behind our brands are our colleagues — they are the game changers. Talented, driven and entrepreneurial individuals, all working together. So why not discover something about RB’s style and opportunities at or visit us on Facebook ….”

Profile DeRBy was made with the help of a business psychology professor in London. Reckitt says it’s primarily aimed at students and people earlier in their careers.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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