Twitter Won’t Make Your Clothes Fall Off

Feb 15, 2013

NPR invited listeners to Tweet about their ‘real’ job descriptions. Dozens of listeners creatively tweeted  job descriptions that would have impressed even Lou Adler for their honesty.

For example:

Professional buzzkiller/wet blanket/risk averter (HR Director)

Now, what job do you suppose this one describes?

RT @e_vinson#honestjobdescription sending resumes into the void.

Ahh, grasshopper. You have much to learn. Andy Lanset, who tweeted that description, is not a corporate recruiter. He’s director of archives for New York Public Radio. Now that I think about it, though, that sort of is what a lot of recruiters do. (The devil made me say that.)

Public Speaking May Make Your Clothes Fall Off

Are you going to be speaking to a group soon? Make sure your clothes fit. Oh yeah, nothing worse than appearing in public and being the center of attention when there’s a wardrobe malfunction. It happened to Miss Venezuela.

Don’t let it happen to you, says Ragan Communications. There are 17 more items on the speaker checklist, and, OK, I’ll be serious for a moment: Most of them are things only a professional would think of. Like, “Will my outfit allow me to do things like crawl under a table to plug in a cord, or reach high to point at a chart?”

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