Twitter Is At Least Another Car On The Race Track

May 1, 2009

Here’s what I got from the responses to the question last Friday about how to use Twitter and what it is good for.

First, I want to thank Scott for plugging me in a bit. I know he just wants to see me eat my blog. Thank God for those printers that print on cake icing now 🙂 (BTW, all these comments except for the ‘anonymasses’ are on last Friday’s blog for reference).

I want to thank Jason for calling me and hooking me into . For people who can do and want to do splits , I can see that Twitter could be very useful for that and Splits is extremely easy to use. Unfortunately, for me it just makes it easier to reinforce that splits are hard to do in the cleared defense tech market. 

Harry Joiner’s link    is an excellent training tool on how to use Twitter and for a marketing guy and brand-builder I can see it’ll be a great thing for him and others who have the ability to do what he suggests.

Dave Graziano posted this Link to Animal’s radio show This has more very useful technical information on things you can do with Twitter that are not obvious to new users.

Jim Durbin had a couple useful ideas in the list of things he posted. There’s also a link that I have not yet followed that Jim says has more info on how to use Twitter. There’s a fee for that one. 

I can now see that it is at the very least, a valid tool with value for certain types of recruiters. It’s like the opposite of Jott for me. When I discovered Jott I was SOOO excited and used it maybe 10 times. I think the idea of Twitter will grow on me after seeming totally over-hyped.

For now, for people who do what TFL readers traditionally do, I’d recommend that people use Twitter when they can show it is better than the other communication tools they already have.

Harry has done that…And I am still here writing blog entries for an audience I’ll never sell anything to. Don Ramer has me thinking about THAT a LOT.

To paraphrase Tom Keoughan ,who pretty much nailed it for me. Just LET Twitter prove its usefulness, don’t try to MAKE it do so.

Reminder to the Anonymasses, comments that can’t be tracked back to real people will only be up until I have time to wipe them off.

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