Training Your Staff Gives You the Edge Over the Competition

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Jun 25, 2014

Dear Barb:

In my last career, I had a line item for training in my budget. As an owner of a recruiting firm, I don’t budget money for training, yet I know that is one expense that can give me the greatest return on my investment. I get so many emails from trainers every week, and most of the information is not relevant or consistent. I opt out of many of them that send too many emails.

When I go to conferences, you can listen to three trainers and many of them don’t agree on how to get great at this profession. How do I determine which training is going to work and which trainers are just total BS?

Also, what is the standard percentage that staffing and recruiting firms budget for training? Most of the owners I spoke with don’t provide any type of formal training and don’t have a line item on their budget. I figured if anyone could answer this question, it would be you.

Jim F.

Dear Jim:

Unfortunately, I think you are correct when you say most firms do not budget money for formal training of their team. On the other hand, one of the top reasons people leave a recruiting firm is the lack of training. It’s an interesting area to review. When business is flat, owners convince themselves they can’t afford training. When business is great, they often think they don’t need training or don’t want to take time for training.

As a trainer, I’m not very objective on this topic. I believe there should be a line item for training as well as instant gratification incentives or bonuses. The only way to continue to increase production is to consistently stay one step ahead of trends, and to be open to changes needed to remain competitive.

You are also correct about the inconsistency of the training that’s delivered. It can be extremely confusing when your team is hearing different strategies from different trainers. I believe you need to take the lead, decide who is on the same page as you regarding the placement process and business strategies, and then invest in those training materials. If you want to review our program go to Good as Gold Training

There is a placement process that if followed can all but eliminate problem areas and prevent important steps from falling through the cracks. The most successful businesses in any profession have specific systems, processes, and a comprehensive training program.

By budgeting a line item for training and instant gratification incentives, you will enjoy a competitive edge in the staffing and recruiting profession.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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